Why Is Getting a Head Massage Good for You?

Dr. Brett Berner
4 min readFeb 23, 2024
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Getting a head massage feels amazing. Not only does it provide a pleasurable experience, but it might also help with headaches, stress relief, and even promote hair growth. The great thing is you can quickly learn to give yourself a head massage at home. Alternatively, you can opt for a professional head massage by visiting a massage therapist.

Discover the perks of a head massage, learn how to do it on your own, and learn what to expect from a professional head massage by reading on.

Benefits of a head massage

The advantages of a head massage depend on the specific type you choose. Take the cranial-sacral massage, for instance. It’s a gentle technique that focuses on the central nervous system in the head, spine, and sacrum.

This kind of head massage is commonly used to:

1. Release tension

2. Alleviate migraine and headache pain

3. Decrease stress

4. Promote relaxation

It’s worth noting that even simpler massages, like the ones you can do at home, can still help by reducing stress and tension, conditioning the scalp, and improving blood circulation in your head and neck.



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