Why Counting Carbs on Keto is a Huge Mistake

Dr. Brett Berner
6 min readDec 23, 2022
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Many people need to learn that counting carbs on keto is a colossal mistake. You see, the whole thing is not all about carbs.

Sometimes people think that it is about bringing your carbs down to below 50 grams and that you're good to go. Others think you must go extremely high on fat to achieve the perfect keto.

But in this article, I will share with you something important that will make your keto plan perfect.

Counting carbs on keto

Why do you reduce your carbs below 50 grams?

The simple answer is that carbs increase insulin. This insulin is what blocks ketosis. So we're trying to produce more ketones, so the more the insulin increases, the less we will be in ketosis. And if we cannot attain ketosis, then we're not doing the ketogenic diet.

So, people start counting carbs, and they start looking at sugars. They start focusing on the glycemic index.

The role of protein

Protein increases insulin, especially if you are resistant to insulin. Protein also increases insulin in people that are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

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Most of the time, a diabetic person will go on a low-carb diet and then enjoy a huge steak during dinner, and they wake up in the morning with a sugar level that is just off the chart, and they wonder how that is possible.

The truth is that protein can increase insulin, although not as much as carbs. It will increase insulin.

Foods that do not trigger insulin

Only two foods do not trigger insulin…fat and fiber.

And when you combine fat and fiber with other foods, you buffer insulin — reducing the insulin. I'll explain how this works because no one selects a specific macronutrient — no one says I'll eat just carbs or proteins. It is always a combination of things.

The insulin index explained

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