What Sitting Position Promotes Good Posture?

Dr. Brett Berner
6 min readJan 17, 2024
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Why your body alignment matters

You’ve probably heard that sitting too much is bad for your health, often compared to the harmful effects of smoking. Research indicates that spending most of your day sitting increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and unfortunately, many of us spend a significant amount of time sitting due to technology and desk jobs.

While it may be challenging to switch to a job that involves more physical activity, there’s a simple thing you can do right now to improve your health: sit correctly. To avoid the long-term consequences of excessive sitting, read on to discover how to maintain good posture. Additionally, find out which gadgets are genuinely worth investing in if you want to safeguard your bone health for the future.

What’s the correct sitting position?

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To find the right way to sit, follow these simple steps each time you sit down. Start by sitting at the edge of your chair, slouching forward. Then, slowly straighten your head and shoulders while pushing your lower back forward, emphasizing the natural curves of your spine. Hold…



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