Top Ways to Improve your Heart Health Naturally

Dr. Brett Berner
7 min readOct 2, 2022
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The human heart is a pump that provides nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues in the body. Therefore, taking proper care of the heart and keeping it in good shape is necessary for a healthy and happy life.

By following these tips daily, you can keep your heart ticking.

Let’s start by considering the best diet for the heart

The heart primarily runs on fatty acid, glucose, a small number of ketones, lactic acid, and some amino acids. When your heart is damaged, it becomes challenging to access energy from glucose and fatty acids.

This explains why ketones can bypass that damage mechanism and power the heart directly, which is why a ketogenic plan may be the best option. Therefore, a ketogenic diet is helpful to the heart.

One of the symptoms of heart failure is fatigue, mainly when the body is exerted, like during exercise or climbing a flight of stairs. Doing the ketogenic diet will prove that the fatigue resolves quickly.

It is important to note that the ketogenic diet has established immense success in achieving short-term weight loss. This is because the keto diet increases energy expenditure, which enhances the burning of calories.

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The keto diet also has a powerful blood sugar-lowering effect. Multiple studies have shown that the keto diet decreases blood sugar as determined by measuring hemoglobin A1c levels. It also reduces the need for diabetes medication.

What’s more, the ketogenic diet is associated with high levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL). HDL is also known as good cholesterol. It is lipoprotein-associated with a decreased risk of heart disease.

Potential problems and remedies for the heart

1. Clot

The medical treatment for a clot could be some medication like warfarin which is known for blocking vitamin K1 so that you won’t have so many clots. But on the other hand, there are natural things out there that you should…

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