Optimizing Your Spinal Alignment for a Tranquil Night’s Sleep

Dr. Brett Berner
4 min readNov 22, 2023
By Damir Khabirov |Adobe stock

The Entrance to the Realm of Dreams

Under the celestial dance of the moon in the night sky, our bodies yearn for the comfort of our beds — an oasis where tranquility and revitalization await. A properly aligned spine in these moments of repose is not just a guarantee of an undisturbed night but also a cornerstone for our holistic well-being and energy.

Join us on a nighttime adventure with Foundation Chiropractic, as we delve into bedtime practices that ensure a harmoniously aligned spine and a peaceful night ahead.

Unraveling the Alignment of the Spine

The backbone, serving as the core support structure for our body, embraces our well-being while we yield to sleep. Aligning it goes beyond a mere physical wellness practice; it signifies a dedication to fostering our body’s natural capacity for healing and regeneration during periods of rest.

The Domino Effect

Sleeping with an improperly aligned spine can lead to various issues, including disturbances in sleep, muscle tension, and potential impairment of neural functionality.

When we prioritize the alignment of our spine, we are indirectly contributing to multiple facets of our…



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