Is Sitting Down All Day Bad for Your Health?

Dr. Brett Berner
3 min readJul 6

Our society today is set up to encourage people to sit for long periods. This means that people spend more time sitting down than they used to.

But you might be curious whether sitting too much can harm your health.

This article will explain whether sitting can have adverse effects on your well-being.

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Nowadays, people sit more than they have ever done in the past

Sitting is something we do a lot. Whether working, hanging out with friends, studying, or going somewhere, we often sit down.

But sitting too much can be bad for us. Most people spend more than half of their day sitting. This includes driving, working at a desk, or watching TV.

For example, office workers can sit for as long as 15 hours a day. On the other hand, people who work in agriculture only sit for about 3 hours a day (1, 2).

When you sit, you burn fewer calories.

The activities you do every day, like standing, walking, and even moving around, can help you burn calories. This is called non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). If you don’t do enough of these activities, it can increase your risk of gaining weight (3).

You don’t burn many calories when you spend a lot of time sitting or lying down. This means you’re not using NEAT to its full potential.

To give you an idea, studies show that farmworkers can burn about 1,000 more calories each day than people with desk jobs (4). This is because farmworkers are constantly walking and standing.

Sitting increases your risk of weight gain.

You’re more likely to get fat if you don’t burn many calories. That’s why not being active is strongly connected to being obese. Studies prove that obese people spend about two extra hours sitting each day compared to those with an average weight (5).

Sitting too much can cause people to die earlier.

Information from studying over 1 million individuals suggests that you have a higher chance of dying early if you don’t move around much.

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