Ear Infections and Foundational Correction

Dr. Brett Berner
4 min readNov 2, 2021
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An ear infection occurs when a virus or a bacterium infects the middle ear. Your middle ear is the section of your ear behind the eardrum. Infections of the ear are usually painful due to inflammation and fluid build-up in the middle ear.

Ear infections may be acute or chronic. Acute ear infections are excruciating but do not last for long. On the other hand, chronic ear infections may either not clear up or may recur many times. Chronic infections to the ear cause permanent damage to the middle ear and the inner ear.

What causes an ear infection?

Your ear gets infected when one of your Eustachian tubes swells or gets blocked, resulting in the build-up of fluid in your middle ear. Eustachian tubes are tubes that connect your ear to the back of the throat.

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Some factors that contribute to blockage of the eustachian tube include:

· Excess mucus

· Sinus infections

· Colds

· Allergies

· Smoking

· Air pressure changes



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