5 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods That You Should Avoid

Dr. Brett Berner
6 min readMar 23, 2022
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Very few things are as complex as searching for nutritious foods along the aisles of any popular grocery store. Yet, the shelves are stocked with many so-called healthy foods.

The manufacturers often advertise these foods as nutritious foods to appeal to their customers. Typical claims written on the label include:

· Low carb

· Gluten-free

· Vegan

· Low fat

However, because you’ve seen these words on a food label doesn’t mean that they are as healthy as advertised. It also doesn’t mean that it is good for you.

This article will highlight five “healthy” foods that are not as nutritious as the manufacturers or marketers claimed.

1. Granola bars and granola

For many years, granola and granola bars have been championed as “healthy” foods.

I’m not saying that all granolas or granola bars are unhealthy. Many are pretty nutritious. However, they are usually loaded with sugar and contain plenty of calories.

For instance, a 67-gram serving (2/3 cup) of Dark Chocolate Protein Granola and Nature Valley Oats contains 290 calories and 7 grams of added sugar (1).

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Here’s the thing — for a person taking 2,000 calories daily, the recommended daily value would be no more than 50 grams as stipulated by the Food and Drug Administration (2).

To enjoy good health, you are advised to limit your added sugar consumption as much as possible. Taking added sugar in excess can contribute to a high risk of health conditions in both children and adults.

Health conditions caused by taking too much added sugar include (3, 4, 5, 6):

· Heart disease

· Fatty liver

· Obesity

Rather than shopping for premade granola, why not make yours at home? That would be a better option. You can use ingredients like oats and nuts and sweeten with dried fruit.

Dr. Brett Berner

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